Custom Acrylic Paper Weights

Elevate your workspace with our exquisite acrylic paperweights.
Available in 3 different shapes
18 mm (1.8 cm) thick, sturdy acrylic material.
Glare resistant.
Vibrant, full-color printing

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Personalize Your Desk with Custom Acrylic Paperweights Create a Workspace That Reflects You!

Our custom acrylic paperweights are more than just desk accessories; they’re expressions of your individuality and creativity Whether showcasing a cherished memory, branding your business, or commemorating an achievement, our personalized paperweights are designed to meet your unique needs

Perfect for both personal and corporate gifting, our acrylic paperweights can be customized with logos, images, or text, making them ideal for any occasion Enhance your workspace with a touch of personal flair and elevate your desk decor with our versatile selection of custom acrylic paperweights

Discover the possibilities today and transform your desk into a personalized haven of inspiration

WrapClap India manufactures all its products in facilities located within India While we follow global sourcing practices for raw materials and components, each product is crafted to meet our high standards of quality

Country of origin: India


Rectangle, Round, Square

Size- 2*3, 3*3

1 to 200 units

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