Rate Cards

A professional way to reach customers on the go.
Target customers, travellers and pedestrians.
Classic 350 gsm card stock with matte finish
Durable paper

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Versatile Marketing Solutions: Perfect for Price Lists, Takeaway Menus, and More!

Our rate cards boast a sleek design that suits various needs, from price lists to event calendars and beyond No need to stress over design inspiration—choose from our array of templates or upload your own and add your message effortlessly

Maximize the Impact of Your Rate Cards with These Strategies:

Keep the front simple: Capture attention with an enticing headline and tagline, avoiding overwhelming text
Understand your audience: Tailor your content to meet the needs and preferences of your target demographic
Highlight benefits: Use bullet points on the reverse side to clearly communicate the advantages of your offerings
Use striking imagery: Incorporate highresolution photos that visually enhance your message and reflect your brand’s quality
Include a clear call to action: Guide your readers on the next steps, whether it’s requesting a quote or visiting your website

WrapClap India customizes all products in local facilities, sourcing materials globally to ensure quality and consistency

Country of origin: India


100, 1000, 20, 250, 2500 Units, 50, 500

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